Major Projects & Turnarounds

Bartlett Group company, GMTS team is a trusted partner in critical path project work for FCC, coker, crude, hydrocracker, and power plant units. Bartlett Group is especially competent in project management, cost controls, scheduling/planning, engineering, and mechanical critical path execution of unit/plant upgrades, revamps, and maintenance turnarounds and shutdowns. 

Bartlett Group can be utilized in the conceptual phase of a capital im­provement plan to aid in the development of preliminary budgets and schedules, helping to identify unforeseen potential construction complications that typically cause costly budget overruns.

  • FCC — Vessel Modifications, Heads Off, Transfer Lines, Cyclones, Slide Valve Removal and Replacement,
  • Air Grids, Expansion Joints, Structure, Drums
  • Coker — Drum Repair and Replacement, Skirt Repair, Structure, Delta Valves, Revamps/Upgrades
  • Crude — Valves, Heater Skin Repair, Burners, Exchangers, Vacuum Column, Drums
  • General Mechanical — Piping, Valves, Heater Skin Repair, Steam Drum Repair, Exchanger Bundle Extraction and Installation