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Bartlett Operations Support Services (BOSS)

BOSS is a comprehensive solution provider in Canada, offering a diverse range of industrial services. These include scaffold, insulation, specialty surface preparation, coatings, abatement, fireproofing, refractory, and specialty mechanical services.

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DECS logo


Deltak Environmental Coating Services (DECS) is a specialized provider of coating services tailored to the refining and petrochemical industry. Its highly skilled staff brings extensive expertise in applying maintenance coating systems, high-performance tank linings, and protective coatings for both underground and above-ground installations. DECS is dedicated to delivering exceptional coating solutions to meet the specific needs of its clients in this industry.

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Deltak Manufacturing Inc. logo

Deltak Manufacturing Inc.

Whether your needs are great or small, from conception to testing, industrial or commercial, shop or field, technical or not, Deltak has the staff and resources to provide the design, engineering, drawings, specifications, fabrication, production, and delivery to fulfill your needs in a metal fabrication company.

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Excel Modular Scaffold logo

Excel Modular Scaffold

Excel is a leader in industrial soft-craft services, utilizing the latest innovations in scaffolding, insulation, paint and abatement combined, with an elite management team and proprietary tracking and reporting software, Excel is in a position to offer you unrivaled cost savings.

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Global Mechanical Turnaround Services logo

Global Mechanical Turnaround Services

Our project team has been trusted for decades in critical path project work for FCC, coker, crude, hydrocracker and power plant units. GMTS is especially competent in project management, cost controls, scheduling, planning, engineering, and mechanical critical path execution of unit and plant upgrades, revamps and maintenance turnarounds and shutdowns.

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GSCS, Bartlett’s union arm, has developed a strong following of loyal customers thanks to its comprehensive range of industrial services. With a focus on mechanical, refractory, and soft-craft services, GSCS ensures that it provides solutions tailored to the specific needs of its customers. Its commitment to excellence and ability to deliver outstanding results makes GSCS a trusted partner in the industry.

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NextGen Scaffold Services logo

NextGen Scaffold Services

Next Generation Scaffold Services Inc. (NextGen) is a full-service specialty scaffold and soft-craft service provider. Our core mission is to address the safety challenges in the scaffold industry with new and innovative products that both reduce risk and time exposed to risk.

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Precision Refractory Services logo

Precision Refractory Services

With over a century of combined experience in major project and maintenance operations, the team at Precision Refractory takes great pride in their ability to work efficiently and effectively, employing a meticulous and planned approach to refractory and fireproofing projects. Clients can rely on Precision Refractory for its exceptional expertise and unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality results safely and efficiently.

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Precision Plant Services logo

Precision Plant Services

At Precision Plant Services, we bring unparalleled expertise and certification to every project,
ensuring top-tier quality and performance across a diverse range of materials and services. Our
commitment to excellence is reflected in our broad spectrum of capabilities and the industries
we serve. For all your industrial needs, trust Precision Plant Services to deliver excellence and
integrity at every step of your project.

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