Recently, Marathon Petroleum Company (MPC) extended its safety leadership training—“Our Leadership Journey”—to onsite contractor personnel responsible for directing and mentoring crews working within its Galveston Bay Refinery (GBR), TX facility. 

“Our Leadership Journey” was a series of highly-interactive workshops designed for site leads/safety leads for embedded contractor personnel who work at GBR. The goal of the training was to drive safety behavior change. Upon completion of the program, contractors were expected to be better able to communicate with GBR personnel regarding key terms/skills learned in the class, including; Moment of Choice, ICARE, HEAT, SLAM, etc. 

Contractors account for roughly 50% of MPC recordable injuries every year, and is an area that can be greatly improved with safety performance. Contractors are expected to apply the skills learned through targeted assignments given at safety workshops to help drive the desired behavior change.

The photo above showcases Excel’s cooperation with the initiative. MPC’s Work Hard, Play Hard T-shirts and Excel hats were worn to represent the partnership and commitment to staying aligned with the vision Kevin Bogard, Vice President of Refining has for all of MPC. 

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