GSCS, Bartlett Group’s union team, recently provided craft workers and supervision, as well as all components needed to scaffold a reactor and burner, during a coker turnaround at PBF Energy’s Delaware City refinery.

After completing the design and engineering phase, GSCS turned to its scaffold division for scaffold material, and the team was able to respond immediately to provide the components necessary for the turnaround work. The reactor stood 242 feet tall with a diameter of 21 feet, while the burner was 60 feet tall with a diameter of 42 feet.

Once GSCS began its scope of work, the company also had to provide scaffolding for the fractionator and elutriator. GSCS completed the turnaround with zero safety infractions or incidents, while saving PBF Energy seven shifts. In the time since PBF Energy began conducting turnaround work on this equipment, the refinery has never had a contract company save shifts like GSCS did.

“PBF Turnaround Manager Michael Szymanski and his staff were very methodical about their approach to this outage,” said Mark Dougherty, regional business development manager for GSCS. “This was GSCS’ first job in the refinery, and we wanted to be sure it was a success for everyone. Our employees were working 10 hours per day, six days per week to complete this turnaround project, so our execution was important and our preplanning

was also crucial. In fact, we had several meetings daily to ensure all parties were on the same page.”

GSCS’ site management team continually delivers safe and efficient use of labor and material for a successful project. For the PBF Energy Delaware City refinery turnaround, GSCS’ manpower included more than 60 individuals working 30 days and 30 nights. GSCS also utilized the patented Excel Scaffold system, which has proven over and over again to reduce schedule, cost, exposure and overall shifts.

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