For years, Global Mechanical Turnaround Services (GMTS) has been a cutting-edge, go-to company for critical-path project work in the mechanical industry. Some of the company’s substantial services include project work for crude and coking units, hydrocrackers, FCCU and power plant units. GMTS, a Bartlett Group company, is committed to providing the highest quality mechanical solutions for its clients. By combining the experience of the past with the innovation of the future, GMTS strives to provide the best possible service or its customers’ mechanical needs. As a turnaround company, it understands the importance of staying ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date solutions that will help clients succeed. GMTS’ continued hard work and customer loyalty has impacted its workload significantly. This surge in workload is expected to continue, with no end in sight.

Ongoing growth

Just over the last 18 months, GMTS’ workload has multiplied. To support this growth, strategic supervision has been added to production, execution, safety and quality. Additionally, multiple pieces of equipment have been added to the fleet. “Our engineering and constructibility capabilities can also save on capital budgets before costly unforeseen complications arise,” said Nathan Dagley, VP of Bartlett Group’s Tech Services division. GMTS plans to be prepared to work harder and smarter in order to keep up with the demand. This will require investments in technology, training and personnel to ensure that the workload is manageable, and that quality is not compromised. Furthermore, the company has the ability to self-perform engineering and construction activities. All of these measures enable the company to continue to grow and thrive.

Project updates and tech services

GMTS is an innovative company that is experiencing unprecedented growth. Its success is making it necessary to expand operations and resources to meet the demand. It has several large, ongoing projects that to date have required over 200,000 manhours combined. The company’s key to success in any project is its ability to effectively expedite plans, promote innovative solutions and safely execute work plans. These factors are essential to ensure that the project has the best chance of meeting its objectives, staying within budget and remaining on schedule. “With our site team providing and managing all of our service lines for FCCU projects, it continues to work flawlessly as one unit to safely execute quality work,” said Christopher Potter, GMTS operations manager. GMTS strives to stay abreast of any changes that may occur during the course of the project and make adjustments as needed. “With the help of our clients, supporting contractors and site leadership, our team has been able to expeditiously plan and safely execute both the original planned work scope and the additional growth that any project requires,” said Potter about project management. GMTS has also been awarded numerous future projects that will augment its ongoing growth.

GMTS, Precision Refractory Services
open new facility

GMTS and its Bartlett Group sister company, Precision Refractory Services, recently opened a new 23,000 square foot facility in Baytown, Texas. The site is strategically located on US I-10 just outside Houston, with easy access to key Gulf Coast locations and shipping opportunities. The building was designed with expansion in mind, to accommodate future growth. There is ample acreage to add shop space and an additional structure behind the existing building.

The new location allows both the refractory and mechanical service lines the ability to further support clients’ needs by increasing its capabilities to perform both vessel and pipe fabrication/repair. The shop was strategically designed with efficiency and convenience in mind in order to optimize the capabilities of supporting its clients. This includes easy access for semi-trucks with up to a 53-foot trailer and two overhead, roll-up doors located on each side of the facility allowing trucks to enter and exit the building with any type of equipment. It also provides an overhead crane for fabrication needs.

Valued structure

GMTS is a company that prides itself on its core values, which include integrity, attention to detail, management and safety. GMTS believes that integrity and honesty are essential for successful projects and operations. The company is dedicated to doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. Attention to detail is also important to GMTS; the company’s expertise in
project execution helps to identify potential issues before they become problems. This attention to detail also helps with constructibility and cost control. “Our critical-path management and execution team’s No.1 goal is for your project to be done safely and correctly the first time. Our core values of integrity and attention to detail set us apart,” said Mark Estep, Bartlett Group senior VP. GMTS is committed to effective management, from project delivery to post-project analysis. Safety is one of the most important values to GMTS, and its commitment to safety runs from management to the field-execution level. Through these core
values, GMTS is committed to delivering quality projects and services while providing the best possible experience. The company
is dedicated to upholding these values and ensuring that they are reflected in all aspects of operations.

Stop-work obligation

To guarantee that all employees follow safety regulations, a stop-work obligation campaign has been implemented. GMTS
values its workers and encourages them to stand up for their safety on the worksite. For those with the courage and conviction
to speak up and stop work in unsafe situations, GMTS extends its appreciation and recognition. Those who neglect their obligation
to stop work in unsafe situations will be held accountable. All personnel should be aware of their individual and collective
responsibilities when it comes to safety and security. “The company encourages its workers to be vigilant, proactive and take the
necessary steps to mitigate risks and promote safety,” said Nate Bumstead, Bartlett Group HSE division director. The stop work
obligation program will help create a safe and secure environment for workers, families, friends, co-workers and clients.

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