We are continuing our growth in numbers as well as broadening our geographical footprint. Bartlett Group is expanding into Canada! BOSS will be headquartered out of Nova Scotia, Canada and should begin offering our SIPA craft service lines to Canadian facilities by 3rd quarter 2021 followed by mechanical services after we are more firmly established. 

Chris Pearson will be the Vice President of Operations for BOSS. He’s very excited and ready for the challenge. Outside of dousing everything in maple syrup and taking advantage of Canada’s seven months of prime skiing weather, Chris says, “We are all excited for the opportunity to transfer our success over the past decade to a new country. Canada has tremendous potential and will solidify Bartlett Group as an international player in the petrochemical game. Without the continued support and performance of all members in the organization, this would not have been possible.”

BOSS will bring everything that is intrinsically Bartlett to the table in Canada. Our mission of zero incidents will remain the same, as well as the quality, efficient work we perform here in the states on a daily basis. 

For more information, go to https://bartlettops.ca/

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